About Us

The Wahoo Screen Graphics team has a grand total of 50 years experience in the art of screen printing.  But that doesn’t make us a bunch of outdated fuddy-duddies.


We combine the best new technology with good old fashioned business sense to give you an outstanding product at a good price with service so fast it’ll make your head spin.


There are plenty of impersonal screen printing companies who are happy to take your order without so much as a “how do you do.” Fill in a few boxes on an order form, cross your fingers and wait.


At Wahoo, we let you see and feel the piece of clothing or accessory you’re interested in having printed up with your awesome logo.  We make sure it’s right for you.  Heck, we might even suggest an item you’ve never thought of before – one that will sell like gangbusters for you or make you the envy of your industry!


Now, don’t let this get around, but we’ve even been known to print up a single custom shirt for a client,  just to make sure they’re happy before we let ‘er rip with the whole shebang.  Now THAT’s service you won’t find anywhere else.


We get a kick out of hearing our customers shout, “Wahoo!” when they see the work we’ve done for them.  We can’t wait to hear you shout “Wahoo” too!

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